About O&M business

O&M (Operations & Maintenance) is a business of rapid supplementation and handling of anticipated or arising issues through the monitoring and inspection of power plants to maximize the efficiency of solar assets of our customers.

Long-term invested solar power systems require specialized operation and maintenance (O&M) services for stable operations and revenue generation, and O&M specialist S-Power provides total solutions tailored to each customer.
  • Pre-inspection

    From the plant site and structures to all categories related to the solar power system,
    thorough inspection is performed. We boast of over 18 professional analysis equipment, including
    array testers, mega ohm testers, power analyzers, and thermal imaging cameras.

  • Monitoring

    We monitor the operations of power plants 24/7 through our integrated maintenance center and SPMC to provide
    energy output analysis. Analysis reports are also provided monthly and quarterly.

  • Check (maintenance due diligence)

    We inspect issues and check matters requiring improvement through quarterly maintenance due diligence,
    allowing us to respond immediately to any issues with our emergency dispatching service.

  • Guarantee

    Our O&M service is economical as it includes cash compensation for falling short of the guaranteed energy output,
    CAPS registration and CCTV installation, subscription to plant facility insurance and sales liability insurance,
    and other plant-related accounting and legal services.

Monitoring System

  • 01
    System Analysis System analysis and reporting
  • 02
    System O&M System maintenance
  • 03
    PV Power Plant Manager Remote control and permanent presence of professional personnel (power plant with capacity of 1MW or higher)