Chairman's Message

"We are S-Energy Group,
the 'New Story Creator,'
creating a clean future and a world of free energy."

S-Energy Group

Sung-min Hong, Chairman of S-Energy Group

New Story Creator!

I would like to thank our customers, shareholders, and partners for your continued interest and support for S-Energy Group.

S-Energy Group is constantly changing to create new values and markets, and generate profits based on the management philosophy of service, sharing and sustainability.

Based on the founding of S-Energy Co., Ltd. in 2011 as the first solar energy company in Korea when there was no new renewable energy, we founded the hydrogen fuel cell company S-Fuelcell Co., Ltd. and power plant maintenance company S-Power Co., Ltd. in 2014 as well as the power plant construction company S-ENC Co., Ltd. in 2019. We are still growing and developing as a global renewable energy company that is recognized in the global market.

S-Energy Group’s ultimate goal is to create a clean environment by producing hydrogen using solar energy as an energy source, producing electric energy with hydrogen fuel cells, and creating a world of free energy. To achieve this goal, all of our employees are devoted to focusing on the present and making profits with the spirit of “Single, Speed, and Smile."

The history of the “New Story Creator” S-Energy Group continues.
We look forward to your continuing support.

S-Energy Group Chairman Profile


Worked at Samsung Electronics
Founder of S-Energy Co., Ltd.
(Current) Chairman of S-Energy Group


Presidential Citation in Renewable Energy Section (2009)
Grand Prize at the National Brand Awards (2017)

CEO Profile

Dong-yeol Seo CEO of S-Power Co., Ltd.

(Current) CEO of S-Power Co., Ltd.
General Manager, S-Energy Co., Ltd.
Worked at Samsung C&T Corp.